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Free Infection Tracking (McGeer’s) Forms For Skilled Nursing

IQI Systems understands that many facilities need a written record of potential/confirmed infections. We are happy to provide free this PDF of a two-sided document for your use.

McGeer’s Surveillance Definitions of Infections in Long-Term Care Facilities

The revised McGeer’s criteria for infection surveillance in long term care facilities was published in May of 2012

Comparison of Old vs Revised McGeer Criteria

What Our Clients Are Saying

Karen Sautbine

There is substantial time saved in Infection Control reporting by using the IQI system. The calculations and breakdown by unit, by infection, by patient days are done for you which is an incredible time saver.

- Karen Sautbine

Patricia Borgman

IQI has helped provide me with the snapshot I need to provide surveillance of the infections that might occur at my facility. It also gives my nursing staff a concise and directed way of organizing the process of infection identification and treatment planning. And it’s green – no paper needed!

- Patricia Borgman

Darlette Kleinmann

IQI is a time saving and cost effective tool for our facility. It helps reduce daily paper work, assures appropriate identification of infections, monitors antibiotics, and provides numerous custom reports to enhance resident safety and assure regulatory compliance.

- Darlette Kleinmann

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