QAPI metrics tailored for your population


When IQI Systems was first conceptualized, the main goal was to offer the best Infection Control tracking software on the market.

Little by little, over the years, we have added subsequent modules like Incidents, Wounds, Employee Infections and Resident/Family Concerns. Our loyal customers were constantly supplying us with ideas which we were happy to integrate into our Intuition™ software.

Many new features are still on the drawing board and we look forward to increasing the scope of our quality assurance tracking tools in the near future. Stay tuned for further developments!


Your Dashboard will show users a facility specific overview of Quality Assurance Areas

  • Highlights for Infections and Incidents
  • Infection Type Graph
  • Incidents within the last 30 days
  • Injuries within the last 30 days
  • Active Wounds
  • Patient and Unit Alerts

Infection Control

Our Infection Control features includes multiple tools for your use:

  • RealTime Line Listing which includes filters for individual units/floors, types of infection, date range, pathogens plus many others
  • RealTime customized facility maps to show where infections occur
  • An Overview of all Quarterly Infections with per 1000 patient days calculations
  • Trending Report to show ups and downs for each Infection area for a 12+ month period
  • Report of Infections by Type
  • Report of Infections by Condition (example: UTI with or without catheter)
  • Report of Infections by Floor
  • Report of Infections by Wing/Unit
  • Report of Infection Averages (compare your facility with all of our nationwide users)

All reports can be downloaded as PDFs. Reports without specific resident information can be grouped together as a composite report and emailed to QA meeting members. You save time and money on unnecessary printing.


Track multiple types of incidents including Falls, Medication Errors, Behaviors, Elopements plus many others.

  • RealTime Line Listing which includes filters for individual units/floors, types of Incidents, date range and injuries
  • RealTime customized facility maps to show where Incidents occur
  • An Overview of all Quarterly Incidents with per 1000 patient days calculations
  • Report of Incidents by Type
  • Reports of Incidents by Injury and Injury Severity
  • Report of Incidents by Floor
  • Report of Incidents by Wing/Unit
  • Report of Incidents by Location
  • Report of Incidents by Day
  • Report of Incidents by Hour
  • Report of Repeat Falls
  • Report of Falls Witnessed vs Unwitnessed


This feature allows users to document different types of Wounds: Pressure Ulcer, Surgical, Diabetic Ulcer, etc.

RealTime line listing that can be filtered by Floor, Wing, Stage, Classification and Type.

PUSH scores will be calculated after needed information is entered. This will be included on the Wound line listing and updated as changes occur.

Reports include:

  • Quarterly Overview with per 1000 patient days calculation
  • Quarterly Wounds by Wing
  • Wound Flow Sheet

Employee Infections

Monitor Employee Infections with documentation of symptoms, initial infection date, return to work date, department and other pertinent information.

Access to this feature is limited to facility personnel you choose.

Resident/Family Concerns

Document all Resident/Family Concerns to address important areas as needed.

  • RealTime Line Listing which includes filters for Type, Employee, Wing, Date Range, Patient and others
  • Overview Report
  • Trending Report
  • Report by Wing or Floor
  • Review of these reports is limited to select facility personnel

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Karen Sautbine

There is substantial time saved in Infection Control reporting by using the IQI system. The calculations and breakdown by unit, by infection, by patient days are done for you which is an incredible time saver.

- Karen Sautbine

Patricia Borgman

IQI has helped provide me with the snapshot I need to provide surveillance of the infections that might occur at my facility. It also gives my nursing staff a concise and directed way of organizing the process of infection identification and treatment planning. And it’s green – no paper needed!

- Patricia Borgman

Darlette Kleinmann

IQI is a time saving and cost effective tool for our facility. It helps reduce daily paper work, assures appropriate identification of infections, monitors antibiotics, and provides numerous custom reports to enhance resident safety and assure regulatory compliance.

- Darlette Kleinmann